Freshwater Student Leadership Opportunities

Calling all student leaders!

Interested in learning more about Freshwater Initiative student leadership opportunities?  We are recruiting new members to our Student Steering Committee.

Freshwater student steering committee at a mixer event in January 2018.

Our student leadership is the heart of Freshwater Initiative, planning events, organizing training opportunities, and promoting water science on campus.

The following positions are currently available on the Student Steering Committee, but it is not necessary to fill a specific position to become involved!  Graduate students from all backgrounds are welcome. Email to indicate your interest or to learn more!

Grants Coordinator

The Grants Coordinator serves a vital role in identifying funding priorities on behalf of the Student Steering Committee and communicating those priorities to the Freshwater faculty. Responsibilities of the Grants Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying funding needs and priorities within the Student Steering Committee.
  • Communicating those needs and priorities to the Freshwater faculty by way of the “Freshwater Fund Me” email programs, a quarterly email designed to communicate student priorities to faculty, who often see funding opportunities more frequently that students do.
  • Coordinating with the Freshwater Communications Specialist to distribute Freshwater Fund Me emails to an appropriate audience.
  • Be generally aware of small pots of money around the University of Washington that may be useful to the Freshwater Initiative’s activities, goals, or priorities.

Contact Erika Rubenson ( with specific questions regarding this position. Contact to indicate your interest.

WaterHackWeek Student Coordinator

WaterHackWeek is a 5-day collaborative workshop event to be held at the University of Washington in conjunction with the eScience Institute from March 25-29, 2019. Participants will learn about open source technology, models, and data for conducting state-of-the-art freshwater research. Mornings will consist of interactive lectures, and afternoon sessions will involve facilitated exploration of datasets and hands-on software development. Responsibilities of a WaterHackWeek (WHW) Student Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Solicit student feedback and opinions regarding various WHW activities and events.
  • Help plan and organize the WHW closing mixer in collaboration with College of the Environment and College of Engineering staff, including asking students about invited speakers, contacting speakers, advertising and fundraising.
  • Helping to devise and execute an evaluation strategy for WHW impact.
  • Network with interdisciplinary water scientists at the University of Washington.

Contact Lillian McGill ( with specific questions regarding this position. Contact to indicate your interest.

Social Events Coordinator

Social activities provide an opportunity for students from interdisciplinary backgrounds to interact and collaborate in a low-pressure environment.  Responsibilities of a Social Events Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan and coordinate ~1 social event (happy hour, networking mixer, pizza dinner, etc.) per quarter for Freshwater Initiative students.
  • Coordinate with Freshwater Communications Specialist to advertise and market the event.
  • Help plan and support other Freshwater student activities.
  • Help plan and perhaps facilitate bi-annual Freshwater Confluence meetings.

Contact Julia Hart ( with specific questions regarding this position. Contact to indicate your interest.

Freshwater Activity Coordinator

Freshwater Activity Coordinators are at the core of the Student Steering Committee, providing input, feedback, and support for a variety of Freshwater student activities. Freshwater Activity Coordinators may “float” between activities, offering support where it is needed.  Responsibilities of an Activity Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend and provide input during Freshwater student steering committee meetings
  • Help organize and execute an activity e.g. Freshwater Exploration Series, Social Events, Confluence Meetings, etc.
  • Write and revise Freshwater blog posts
  • Attend Freshwater Confluence meetings

Contact Yifan Cheng ( or Ryan Currier ( with specific questions regarding this position. Contact to indicate your interest.