Calling All Amateur STEM Filmmakers

The 2nd UW Student Film Contest is now open to STEM majors all over the world.

Are you passionate about storytelling? Do you love arts/humanities AND science?

The 2nd UW Student Film Contest is now open to STEM majors all over the world! The contest is open to students of all levels (undergraduate to post-graduate) with a desire to collaborate with arts/humanities majors. The screening of award-winning films will take place on the University of Washington campus in Spring 2019, and cash prizes will be awarded ($1000 or above!).

Why Should You Sign Up?

  1. Open door, flexible participation policy. UW student teams can sign up anytime until the end of 2018 and are not obligated to submit a film if it doesn’t work out.
  2. Participants work in teams (2+).
  3. Training and mentorship will be provided free by the Film Contest Director (Dr. Faisal Hossain) for UW affiliated teams. Dr. Hossain will work with each and every UW team, according to their schedule and level of film-making experience.
  4. Free online training materials can be found here.
  5. MacBooks with Adobe Premier (for video editing), cameras, tripods, and shotgun microphones are available for loan to UW affiliated teams. Equipment may be borrowed for up to 6 weeks at a time though the contest website.

Sign Me Up!

Interested parties should register for team approval here. For questions or further information, please contact Faisal Hossain,

Whether or not your film is about water, the 2019 Student Film Contest provides STEM majors an opportunity to tell a story about their science, which we think is pretty cool. More information about the film contest can be found here.