CEWA 599: CUAHSI Virtual University

CEWA 599: CUAHSI Virtual University

FALL 2018: CUAHSI Specialized Online Hydrology Modules

The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of the Hydrologic Sciences Inc. (CUAHSI) has organized online, inter- university courses to enhance the depth and breadth of graduate course offerings at universities across the nation, increase the rate of uptake of new research, and facilitate networking among our hydrologic community.CUAHSI LogoThe format of the course is designed to give you flexibility to select topics most relevant to you from a list of modules that are being offered by leading faculty in these specialized research niches from across the country. Each module, which is equivalent to one-third of a semester course, is designed to facilitate interaction among the instructor and students and contain some evaluation elements (problem sets, projects, presentations, exams etc.). The instructor at each student’s home university will assign a grade based on the student scores and class distribution provided by the module instructor.

University of Washington students may register for CEWA 599 with Dr. Jessica Lundquist, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Each student will select two online modules to complete over the course of the quarter. The course will run from September to November with each module being conducted for 4 weeks.

Here’s how it works:
  1. At UW, students enroll in CEWA 599 with Dr. Jessica Lundquist as the instructor (SLNs are 12095 for CEWA 599A or 22972 for CEWA 599B).
  2. Students pick one module for the month of October (pick from Snow Hydrology Modeling, Ecohydrology, or Global Change and Crop Production and Hydrology) and one module for the month of November (pick from Hydrologic Modeling, Bests Practices with Stream Solute Tracers, or Advances in Drone Remote Sensing)  — note that times are listed in Eastern time on the syllabus (subtract 3 hours for here).  The syllabus has a link to a google form to make these choices.

Available modules include (All Times in EST):

Sept 4 – Oct 1 Oct 1 – Oct 30 Nov 1 – Dec 3
M/W 3:30 – 5:00pm Coastal Hydrogeology and Land-Sea Water Exchange Snow Hydrology: Focus on Modeling Hydrologic Modeling for Hypothesis Generation and Scenario Development: Tools in R
M/W 5:00 – 6:30pm   Ecohydrology of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Best Practices in Stream Solute Tracer Measurements and Modeling
T/Th 3:30 – 5:00pm Urban Watershed Hydrology and Stormwater Management Global Change, Crop Production, and Impacts on Hydrology Advances in Drone-based Remote Sensing for Hydrologic Applications

For more information about the course, please contact Dr. Jessica Lundquist (jdlund@uw.edu) or check out the CUAHSI Virtual University course description.