FISH 447/448: Watershed Ecology & Management

FISH 447/448: Watershed Ecology & Management

Looking for a way to get your feet wet in watershed science? Enroll in Watershed Ecology and Management in Spring 2018, an investigation of stream and river ecosystems from a watershed perspective…and a darn good time.

Lectures will feature:

  • Multidisciplinary views of the fundamental processes governing the striation and function of flowing aquatic ecosystems.
  • Ecological focus on streams, rivers, and their surrounding catchments, with particular emphasis on the Pacific Northwest.
  • Case studies to explore human interaction with rivers and varied approaches to river management.

Lab will feature:

  • Hands-on laboratory and field experience in standard stream and river ecology methods.
  • Three field trips: Taylor Creek (South Seattle), Big Beef Creek (Hood Canal), and the Methow River (Mazama WA, overnight).

Instructor: Dr. Gordon Holtgrieve, Assistant Professor Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Course Details

Lecture (3 credits): FISH 447 (SLN 14129) or ESRM 447 (SLN 14129), TTH 10:00-11:20a in FSH 107

Lab (2 credits): FISH 448 (SLN 21815) or ESRM 448 (SLN s1816), T 1:30-3:20 in FSH 142

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