Students Invited to Freshwater! 2017

Students Invited to Freshwater! 2017

Dear UW graduate students conducting freshwater research,

Hello, my name is Claire Beveridge. I’m a 3rd year PhD Student studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Hydrology. My research is highly interdisciplinary, focusing on the interactions and feedbacks between water, sediment, people and infrastructure. I am very enthusiastic about fostering an effective interdisciplinary freshwater research community at UW as well as helping other students in advancing their academic, professional and personal goals.

I’ll start out with a few questions for you. If any of these questions intrigue you, please continue to read on!

  • Does interdisciplinary and socially relevant freshwater research spark your interest?
  • Do you want to foster collaboration and community amongst graduate students conducting freshwater research across departments at UW?
  • Do you want to learn and share the methods, goals, and the “languages” of the many disciplines that study freshwater?
  • Do you want to be an agent of positive change in the world of freshwater?

As you may know, UW faculty have recently started the Freshwater Initiative. It was unanimously agreed amongst faculty that the primary focus of the Freshwater Initiative should be to build and support the freshwater community of students as well as a learning environment that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

So, what’s next? A small group of students and faculty have already come together to envision possibilities for the future of the Freshwater Initiative as well as brainstorm meaningful group activities. However, we truly want the trajectory of the initiative to be guided by the broader, multi-disciplinary community of freshwater students and respond to your research needs and interests.  Therefore, we invite you to contribute to envisioning and shaping the direction of the Freshwater Initiative– or at least sign up for emails about future activities!

Please take a minute to fill out this brief form to indicate your level of interest in the Freshwater Initiative.  Students who get back to us by Friday, October 13 will be included in our kickoff meeting to set our first directions, but sign-up is ongoing and open to UW students from Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses.


If you ever have any comments or questions about the Freshwater Initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I am always happy to hear your thoughts about building and improving our community.

Thanks so much for your attention and interest!

Best regards,