NASA Freshwater ponds appear atop the Arctic ice cap during the summer melt in this image taken on July 12. The NASA-funded Impacts of Climate on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment project has been examining the ponds and the ice around them this summer. Credit: NASA


2015-2017: Mountains to Sea Initiative is a venture of interdisciplinary faculty from the College of Engineering, the College of the Environment and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (UWT) whose research areas include hydrology, carbon cycling, fisheries and aquatic ecology, estuarine hydrodynamics, and contaminant fate. This initiative aimed to  facilitate interaction and generate new interdisciplinary research directions within the entire water sciences community.  A major goal of the initiative is to build a collaborative network in Freshwater Sciences and Engineering that can effectively catalyze coordinated, multi-disciplinary research, teaching and outreach efforts.

Co-Directors: Alexander Horner-Devine (CEE), Joel Baker(UWT), Daniel Schindler (SAFS)

Associate Director: Christina Bandaragoda (CEE)

Organizing Committee: Alexander Horner-Devine (CEE), Erkan Istanbulluoglu (CEE)1, Daniel Schindler (SAFS), Julian Olden (SAFS),  Jessica Lundquist (CEE), Faisal Hossain (CEE & UWT), Gordon Holtgrieve (SAFS), David Butman (SEFS & CEE) Edward Kolodziej (UWT & CEE) and Joel Baker(UWT)

2012-2014: University of Washington initiated a faculty cluster hire in the College of the Environment, the College of Engineering, and UW Tacoma to strengthen science, engineering, resources management, and educational capacity in freshwater sciences.   This resulted in four faculty hires across two campuses and four departments: David Butman (SEFS-CEE), Faisal Houssain (CEE-UWT), Edward Kolodziej (UWT-CEE) and Gordon Holtgrieve (SAFS).