NASA Freshwater ponds appear atop the Arctic ice cap during the summer melt in this image taken on July 12. The NASA-funded Impacts of Climate on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment project has been examining the ponds and the ice around them this summer. Credit: NASA


2015-2017: Mountains to Sea Initiative is a venture of interdisciplinary faculty from the College of Engineering, the College of the Environment and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (UWT) whose research areas include hydrology, carbon cycling, fisheries and aquatic ecology, estuarine hydrodynamics, and contaminant fate.
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The color of Dolly Varden trout, this one a 16-inch (40-centimeter) adult, deepens when it’s time to spawn. Source: M Bond / UW

Vision & Mission

The University of Washington Freshwater Initiative creates a diverse and vibrant research community through a deliberate commitment to collaboration, technological innovation, and creativity in understanding complex environmental and human systems. We seek to advance high impact and meaningful research at the human-water interface by connecting observations, models, and stories with the communities responsible for freshwater resource management.
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