A Conversation on Freshwater Research in Washington

A Conversation on Freshwater Research in Washington

On April 19, 2016 we hosted a conversation about Freshwater Research on UW’s campus. First we heard from State of Washington Water Research Center (WRC) Directors Jon Yoder and Jen Adam (UW CEE alum) to learn more about emerging collaborations and activities in freshwater research across the State of Washington. The WRC seminar was followed by a panel and open discussion of current freshwater activities and centers at UW.

Seminar Abstract:

The State of Washington Water Research Center (WRC) was created over 50 years ago as one of the 54 National Institutes for Water Resources, created under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964 with the mission of providing research, education, and outreach related to water resource management in Washington State.    Today the WRC receives limited annual base funding  from the USGS, and funding for support from Washington State University for part time Director and Associate Director positions and administrative support.  The WRC receives the majority funding from extramural grants from various state and federal sources.   Currently, the WRC is focusing on integrative watershed-level research to address important water problems and policy for managing the State’s water resources.  However, the WRC is interested in broadening the scope of collaborations and activities across the State of Washington to pursue its mission.  Visit https://swwrc.wsu.edu/ for more information.

A panel discussion following the seminar was open to everyone, with invited panelists including Joel Baker, Puget Sound Institute; Daniel Schindler, UW Freshwater; Alex Horner-Devine, Mountain to Sea Strategic Research Initiative; Amy Snover, Climate Impacts Group.

This seminar and panel discussion was hosted by Mountain to Sea, a new initiative at UW to catalyze freshwater research, supported by a collaboration of the College of Engineering, the College of the Environment, and UW Tacoma. Visit us online at freshwater.uw.edu.   At previous Freshwater Mixers (November, 2015 and February, 2016), UW faculty expressed interest in exploring the costs and benefits of catalyzing freshwater research through a Center. This seminar is intended to further that conversation.  All faculty, students and staff interested in Freshwater research were welcome to join.