Researchers gathered sediment cores from lakes in 16 major watersheds in southwestern Alaska.
Source: Lauren Rodgers

Mountains to Sea Initiative

The Mountain to Sea Initiative is designed to catalyze innovative research relevant to coastal watersheds in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide. Mountain to Sea (M2S) seeks to generate a new integrative research agenda within the UW freshwater sciences community and address key challenges facing coastal ecosystems in partnership with scientific and governmental organizations who contribute to and use water science.
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Photo: Thomas Pool

Food, Water, and Energy Dynamics in the Mekong River

The Mekong River and its watershed are facing unprecedented changes from land cover conversion, hydropower development, and climate change. This uncertain future threatens the livelihoods of over 60 million people living in the basin.  Since the early 2000’s, faculty, students, and staff from the University of Washington have partnered with local scientists to conduct multi-disciplinary science research that has led to a much better understanding of river hydrology, sediment dynamics, and carbon cycling.
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